Burn a Koran for Popularity

In a few hours all Muslims around the world will celebrate their biggest day this year, it is Eid ul Fitr, but seemed to be followed by bigger religious day soon. This is not only a great day for Muslims but for the entire religious community.

11 September 2010 is the international Burn a Koran day as Pastor Wayne Sapp said in his video pastor Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones are pastor at Dove World Outreach Center, a small church in Gainesville, Florida. They spread terror anti-Islam which does not reflect American society that upholds democracy.

They suddenly famous after making a campaign for international Burn a Koran day as an anniversary of September 11th attacks. The reaction come for both Muslims and non Muslims community, numerous protests, demonstrations and criticism aimed at the campaign.

A smart way to find popularity to raise their little church, I believe that the day of burning Koran is not going to happen because they know that doing their campaign is not only quick way to find popularity but also a quick way to die.

I believe that this is not a reflection of American society and the American government as Hillary Clinton told, American government have to reacted quickly to prevent this happen because the world will see that the U.S. government allow this to happen or they think that the American government is very weak because they can’t prevent a small problem that have big impact. Peace.


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